Natolin European Centre

in Warsaw

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Natolin European Centre, based in the outskirts of Warsaw, is focused on activities closely related to European integration and European history. NEC runs a number of key educational, research and information projects in this specific area, and is also responsible for the historic Natolin park and palace complex hosting the Natolin Campus of the College of Europe.

Natolin European Centre operates as a foundation established by the Polish State, and was registered on 10th September 1993. The Foundation operates under the Supervisory Board responsible for the implementation of the NEC’s strategic objectives. The Management Board reporting to the Supervisory Board ensures the day-to-day financial and administrative management of the Foundation.

Statutory goals of the Foundation include:

  • promotion of knowledge of European integration, undertaking appropriate research, scientific, technological and educational efforts in developing European studies, conducting training and research in the field of European integration
  • conducting scientific, technological and educational activities helping in organizing and developing European studies in Poland
  • cooperation with domestic and international organizations
  • bringing together lecturers, artists, researchers and practitioners of European integration from both the domestic and foreign scientific communities

NEC has established a respected team of researchers and professionals, led by Prof. Marek Aleksander Cichocki (Programme Director), which is responsible for, inter alia, providing European Studies-oriented people with a variety of publications and expertise. The scientific research activities of NEC are largely focused on the following areas:

  • Institutional reform of the European Union
  • Political identity, culture, democratization, citizenship in the European Union
  • Europe's cultural and historical heritage
  • The security and economy of the European Union, European historical and sociological thought
  • The role of Germany in the European Union
  • Polish Foreign Policy
  • The Eastern dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy
  • Regional and Cohesion Policy
  • Future of Justice and Home Affairs
  • CFSP/CESDP – policies and operations
  • Future of European Defence Policy and the NATO
    • NEC publications include:

      • New Europe. Natolin Reviev
      • Natolin Analyses
      • Natolin Comments
      • Natolin European Forum
      • Justice and Home Affairs Forum
      • Natolin Papers Natolin European Centre

      In 2004, NEC has initiated a special Forum dedicated to „Justice and Home Affairs in the European Union” . Its main goal is to develop unique studies in the area of justice and home affairs, as well as, to integrate a wide range of professionals (scholars, students, public administration officials, NGO activists) into a network of experts. Research focuses on the transformation of the EU into an area without internal border controls, and on the implementation of integrated strategy of internal security governance, which aims to prevent and fight terrorism and organized crime. Other issues include for instance the emergence of a European judicial area through the approximation, harmonization and unification of criminal and civil law, which aims at more efficient law enforcement, are also explored.

      Natolin European Centre Fundation hosts the Natolin Campus of the College of Europe, the most genuinely ‘European’of all the University Institutes of European Studies. The College of Europe, founded in 1949 and based in Bruges and Warsaw, is a centre of academic excellence preparing individuals to work and live in an international environment.

      The College of Europe focuses on postgraduate European studies in the legal, economic, political, international relations and interdisciplinary domains. NEC is also providing a range of tailor-made seminars and training courses targeted at executives and public sector officials.

      Major partner organisations:

      Natolin with its unique environment and atmospherere presents an outstanding meeting point of European politicians, academics, scientists, media specialists, public sector and civic society representatives.

      NEC endeavours to stimulate the continuous development and renewal of the European policies and practices by providing fora for a constant dialogue and debate of European think tanks and practitioners, through organising conferences and workshops.

      Natolin European Centre

      ul. Nowoursynowska 84
      02-796 Warsaw

      Phone: +48 22 54 59 800
      Fax: +48 22 649 12 99

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